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Curriculum Vitae


1981: High school graduation
1981-1989: Student at the University of Vienna (Biology: Zoology and Anthropology)
1989: PhD graduation
2001: Habilitation, University of Vienna


Since June 2009: Head of the Department of Behavioural Biology
2007-2009: Deputy head, Department of Behavioural Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna
2001: Associate professor at the Institute for Zoology, Department of Ethology, University of Vienna
1997: Postdoctoral training at the MPI for Behavioral Physiology, Seewiesen, Germany
1994-2000: Research assistant at the Department of Ethology, Institute for Zoology, University of Vienna
1993: Postdoctoral training at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands
1991-1993: Research assistant funded by the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF)
1990-1991: Postdoc research scholarship, University of Vienna


FWF P8337-BIO: Effects of physiological and ecological constraints on the reproductive biology of European ground squirrels

NÖ Government II/3-3552/15-1993 Population monitoring: European ground squirrels in Langenzersdorf ("Seeschlacht" recreation area) 

Austrian Nationalbank PNr. 6590: Effects of hibernation on memory in European ground squirrels

Austrian Nationalbank PNr. 7450: Maternal investment in relation to litter size and sex ratio in ground squirrels

FWF (Austrian Science Fund) P13646-BIO: Factors affecting follicular development in European ground squirrels

FWF P160001-B06: Reproductive strategies of female European hamsters

Austrian Academy of Sciences: Seasonal effects on reproduction in Common hamsters

FWF P16968-B12: Factors affecting puberty in male European ground squirrels

Faculty of Life Sciences, Initial funding: Non-invasive measurements of body fat composition in Common hamsters

University of Vienna, Intrafaculty Project Proposal: Effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids on cognition, physiological stress modulation, offspring sex ratio, and social behaviour in Guinea pigs


Introduction to Animal Behaviour
Methods in Behavioural Sciences
Reproductive Strategies in Vertebrates
Behavioural Ecology

Practical Courses

Animal Behaviour - Introductory experiments in Animal Behaviour
Animal Physiology Laboratory 1 - Reproduction, Metabolism and Immunology
Practical Course in Animal Behaviour
Practical Course in Behavioural Physiology
Training Course in Ethology (teacher training course)

Behavioural Ecology Seminar (with M. Taborsky, University of Bern)
Seminar for Masters, Diploma and PhD-students in Animal Behaviour

Professional Services

Head of the animal keeping facilities UZA1 (Depts. Behavioural Biology, Cognitive Biology)
Supervisor of animal care trainee program (Lehrlingsausbildung Tierpflege)
Mentoring Program for Women Academics and Scientists at the University of Vienna
Biology Study Programme: committee member
Radiation safety officer: radionuclide laboratory UZA1, Micro CT (Micro XCT Transmission X-ray Microscope, Dept. Theoretical Biology), MicroCT (Viscom X8060-25, Dept. Anthropology)
Animal ethics commissioner (Austria): International Ethological Society
First aider, Dept. Behavioural Biology

Selected Collaborations

Prof. W. Arnold, Dr. F. Schober, Inst. of Wildlife Ecology, Vet. Med. Univ. Vienna: Telemetric methods to measure body temperature and activity patterns in hibernating mammals
Prof. S. Daan, Dr. Arjen Strijkstra, Dr. R. Hut, Univ. Groningen: Physiology of hibernating ground squirrels, metabolic rates, energy requirements for hibernation, regulation, mechanisms of euthermic phases during hibernation
Prof. J. A. Encarnação, Justus-Liebig-Univ., IFZ - Department of Animal Ecology, Giessen, Germany: Genetic analyses in Common hamsters (proposal submitted)
Dr. S. Funk, Zoological Society London, UK; Dr. J. Henschel, Gobabeb Research and Training Center, Namibia: Foraging strategies, genetics and social behaviour in black-backed jackals
Prof. M. Gahr, MPI f. Ornithology, Seewiesen: Neuroendocrinological methods in birds
Prof. K. Hackländer, Institute of Wildlife Biology and Game Management, Univ. of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria: Stress management in roe deer
Dr. S. Monecke, Inst. f. Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences, Strasbourg University: Hibernation in Common hamsters
Prof. E. Möstl, Prof. Dr. R. Palme, Inst. of Biochemistry Vet. Med. Univ. Vienna: Development and validation of enzyme immuno-assays for the analysis of steroid hormones
Dr. P.H. Pratje: Reintroduction station Frankfurt Zoological Society, Sumatra, Indonesia: Behavioural development in juvenile orangutans
Dr. U. Reichard, MPI f. Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany: Social status and puberty in free-living male gibbons
Prof. K-H. Roch, Technical Univ. Vienna: ground penetrating radar technology
Prof. T. Ruf, Inst. of Wildlife Ecology, Veterinary Med. Univ. Vienna: Food analyses (N-alkane method), body fat measurements
Dr. H. Vielgrader, Zoo Vienna: Ultrasound investigations
Prof. K-H. Wagner, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Univ. Vienna: Nutritional analyses in guinea pigs and hamsters
Prof. B. Wallner, Department of Anthropology, Univ. Vienna: Primate socio-sexual behaviour and physiology; effects of nutritional factors on social behaviour.
Prof. M. Walzl, Dept. of Theoretical Biology, Univ. Vienna: Ovarian histology and vaginal cytology in small mammals

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