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Arno Cimadom

Mail: arno.cimadom[at]hotmail.com 



PhD Thesis

Living at the edge: The impact of an introduced parasite and habitat change on the breeding success of Darwin's finches.

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich



Research Interests

Animal behaviour, cognition, conservation, invasive species, ecology with focus on bird species.



Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae download




Cimadom A., Ulloa A., Meidl P., Zöttl M., Iverson E., Fessl B., Nemeth E., Dvorak M., Cunningham F., Tebbich S. (in press): Invasive parasites, habitat change and heavy rainfall reduce breeding success in Darwin’s finches. Plos One

Gajdon GK., Cimadom A, von Bayern AMP. (submitted): Comparative aspects of string puling in captive jackdaws (Corvus monedula).

Tebbich S., Cimadom A., Hood-Novotny R. (in prep.): Using stable isotopes to reveal diet of Philornis downis at various life stages.

Schindler S., Cimadom A., Wrbka T. (2011): The attitude to nature and nature conservation at the urban fringe. Innovation – the European Journal of Social Science Research, 24, 379-390



Conference talks and posters

Cimadom A., Tebbich S., Fessl B., Hood-Novotny R. (2014): Behavioural changes in an invasive parasitic fly and its avian hosts, the Darwin’s finches. 26th International ornithological conference, Tokyo, Japan.

Cimadom A., Tebbich S., Fessl B., Hood-Novotny R. (2012): The need of basic biological information to effectively control an invasive parasitic fly (Philornis downsi) on the Galapagos Islands. 6th European Conference of Behavioural Biology, Essen, Germany.

Cimadom A., Tebbich S., Fessl B., Hood-Novotny R. (2013): Behavioural changes in hosts and parasite in a newly established host parasite interaction on the Galápagos Islands. Behaviour 2013, 33rd International Ethological Conference, Newcastle, Great Britain.

Cimadom A., Gajdon GK., von Bayern AMP., Huber L. (2013): Investigating information seeking behaviour of jackdaws (Corvus monedula). 3rd Transfer-of-Knowledge Conference (CompCog), Vienna, Austria.



Grants and awards

2013 Travel Grant of the “Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft” for the participation at the International Ornithological Conference 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.

2013 Travel Grant of the “Österreichischen Forschungsgemeinschaft”, for the participation at the International Ethological Conference 2013 in Newcastle, England.

2011 Scholarship (Förderungsstipendium) of the University of Vienna, Austria, for the field trip to Galapagos

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