We investigate animal and human behaviour on a systemic level, integrating behavioural, ecological, physiological and molecular approaches in order to address mechanistic and functional questions from an evolutionary perspective. Main research topics are social complexity, cooperation, communication, seasonal adaptations, reproductive strategies, stress responses and interspecific interactions. Our model organisms range from mites to humans including fishes, birds, rodents, wolves, dogs and primates. We conduct field and lab based studies using experimental setups under natural, semi-natural and laboratory conditions. Our expertise in behavioural endocrinology represents the basic line for most projects in the respective context. As physiological measurements from non-invasive sources are crucial requisites for both field and lab studies we are intensively engaged in the development, improvement and validation of these techniques. Beyond the transmission of information to a wider public to highlight the importance of basic research and applied aspects, Citizen Science has been successfully integrated and is part of relatively complex research topics such as population dynamics and life history strategies.