Bernard Wallner

Assoz.-Prof. for Comparative Anthropology

Deputy Head of the Department

Phone: +43-1-4277- 544 67
Mobil: +43-664-602 77-544 67
Mail: bernard.wallner[at]

Research interests

Curriculum vitae


Wallner, B & Fieder, M 2017, Creativity: The Intellectual Funds of Universities. in Proceedings of The 8th International Multi-Conference on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics. pp. 149-152.

Domjanić, J, Ujević, D, Wallner, B & Seidler, H 2016, Increasing women’s attractiveness: high heels pains and evolution – a GMM based study. in . 8th International Textile, Clothing & Design Conference – Magic World of Textiles, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Sonnweber, R-S, Ravignani, A, Stobbe, N, Schiestl, G, Wallner, B & Fitch, WT 2015, The role of social styles in grooming patterns and stress alleviation. in Folia Primatologica. pp. 363-364.