Viktoria Ammann

Hibernation patterns in free-ranging Common hamsters
with and without additional food stores

Supervisors: Eva Millesi & Carina Siutz

Pia Maria Böhm

Hormonal influences on female homosexual behaviour in Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata)

Supervisors: Bernard Wallner & Lena Pflüger

Carina Brunhuber

Hormonprofile juveniler und adulter Ziesel unter seminatürlichen Bedingungen

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Valerie Bürghofer

Personality and stress load in female wild boar

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Viktoria Filp

Biological validation of steroid hormone analyses in guniea pig saliva samples

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Kerstin Filzmoser

Egg retention in Amblyseius swirskii

Supervisor: Peter Schausberger

Susanna Fritscher

Effects of sex and age on cortisol concentrations and metabolic rate in socially living guinea pigs

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Klara Füreder

Effects of age and social confrontations on cortisol concentrations and metabolic rate in male guinea pigs

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Richard Laszlo Hahn

Optimization of non-invasive sampling, DANN/RNA isolation and characterization of the genetic polymorphisms in stress-related genes of Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata)

Supervisors: Bernard Wallner & Helmut Schaschl

Stefanie Hinterleitner

Beeinflusst der Grad an sozialer Interaktion die Hormonantwort bei altruistischen Aktivitäten?

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

Markus Kafka

Ovarian activity ans seasonal reproductive output in Common hamsters (Cricetus cricetus)

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Bettina Meidlinger

Interactions among hormone secretion, basal metabolic
rate, reproductive performance and social behaviour in guinea pigs

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Jana Meixner

Dogs in animal-assisted special education

Supervisor: Kurt Kotrschal

Milidakis Margarita Artemis 

The influence of poyunsaturated and saturated acids on women's menstrual cycle

Supervisor: Bernard Wallner

Elean Mischling

Sex-specific differences in sonic organs, agonistic behavoiur and sound production in the Croaking gourami (Teleostei)

Supervisor: Friedrich Ladich

Ariane Niebauer

Do food supplements affect body condition and the timing of reproduction in female Common hamsters in the subsequent season?

Supervisors: Eva Millesi & Carina Siutz

Mario Pérez 

Error Management Theorie und Dunning-Kruger-Effekt - Auswirkungen auf die Einschätzung von Problemen

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

Markus Schliwa

The effects of temperature and acclimation on hearing in fishes adapted to different temperature regimes

Supervisor: Friedrich Ladich

Timo Schwemhofer

Self medication in Darwin’s finches: identifying the mosquito repellent components of Psidium galapageum

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

Kathleen Spittel

Temperament and spatial reversal learning in Labrador Retriever puppies

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Alexandra Stiegler

Weight inference of objects in Goffin cochatoos

Supervisors: Sabine Tebbich & Auguste von Bayern

Julia Stockhammer

Elterliches Investment und sozioökonomischer Status

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

Judith Suttner

Elterliche Kooperation und Konkurrenz im Bereich Schule

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich